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Legislators Concerned About School Resource Officers’ Workload

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House Democrats say they’re worried legislation requiring school resource officers to be responsible for securing a school in addition to working with students asks them to do too much. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:



A school resource officer is a trained law enforcement official who receives extra training to work in a school environment. Supporters say officers are intended to be more than a cop in a school – they’re expected to help educate and counsel students, becoming part of the fabric of the school. Proposed legislation provides up to ten million dollars in matching grants Indiana schools can use to hire a resource officer. But the bill would also now require the officers to be responsible for protecting the school against outside threats and preventing unauthorized access to the school. Hammond Democratic Representative Linda Lawson says that’s too many responsibilities for one person:


This has to be a very special person. The person who works with kids who are troubled and belligerent, need a lot of attention, much more than a bully with a gun.”


Avon Republican Senator Pete Miller, the bill’s author, says in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, more needs to be done to secure schools. But he says that doesn’t mean school resource officers’ core responsibilities will change:



Once they’ve accomplished that task of making sure the buildings are secure, yeah, they’re interacting with the student body and doing all those things. Just because we don’t put that in the bill or the law doesn’t mean that’s something they won’t do.”


Miller says a few minor changes will likely be made to the bill but he expects it to pass. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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