Legislator Concerned About Abortion Doctors’ Online Info Posting

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An Indiana House Democrat is worried new provisions of a bill regulating abortion-inducing drugs will force doctors who perform abortions to post their personal information online. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith has more:


Changes a House committee made to abortion-inducing drug legislation requires the state Department of Health to develop an informed consent brochure that must be given to a woman before she receives an abortion. One of the pieces of information required on the form is the contact information for the doctor performing the procedure. And Anderson Democratic Representative Terri Austin says, because the bill requires the Department of Health to post the brochure online, she’s concerned anyone will have access to a doctor’s information:

We ought to be a little more sensitive to the kind of victimization that could occur when we start making that information widespread.”

But Attica Republican Sharon Negele, the bill’s sponsor, says the brochure is intended to contain a blank space for the doctor to fill in their information, keeping it from being posted online:

This is just really a patient safety issue so that if there is an adverse reaction, that patient knows who to call, immediately, for assistance. That is between the physician and the patient.”

The bill is up for amendment on the House floor Monday. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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