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Lawmaker Wants Quieter Planes for Chicago

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December 7, 2013 — A lawmaker from Illinois has introduced a bill that aims to reduce noise in residential areas near airports.

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley says the Silent Skies Act would require aviation companies to phase in quieter planes faster than they’re doing.  All commercial airplanes would have to comply with stricter standards by 2035.

Quigley’s 5th Congressional District incorporates O’Hare International Airport.  The Democrat’s office says he is making noise pollution reduction around O’Hare a priority.

His office says the Federal Aviation Administration issued regulations in 2006 requiring that new planes meet improved standards, but it didn’t spell out if older planes must retrofit with quieter engines.

The Silent Skies Act would require companies to phase in quieter engines at a rate of 25% of an airline’s fleet every five years.


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