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LaPorte County “Cold Case” Pushed To The Forefront

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February 24, 2014 — Chris Nolte, Lakeshore Public Radio–

Twenty-seven years ago, on the afternoon of February 24, 1987, a 10-year-old LaPorte girl got off the school bus in front of her house and then disappeared.  Linda Weldy’s body was found in March 1987 along abandoned railroad tracks near Kingsbury.

Today — LaPorte County Sheriff’s investigators are not only looking for any new information on Linda’s disappearance and death, but they’re re-submitting some evidence to forensic tests that didn’t exist in 1987.  Major John Boyd says they think this ” cold case” can be solved.

“There was never a suspect or suspects as a result of the investigation 27 years ago. But, as time goes on, people have a tendency to talk and we hope that perhaps the perpetrator has talked to someone and that person is willing to come forward.  We’re also hoping that someone might recollect seeing someone or something suspicious near Linda when she got off the school bus.  That might be the missing piece of the puzzle that we’re looking for,” Major Boyd told Lakeshore Public Radio.

Anyone with potential information about Linda Weldy is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Ron Heeg at (219) 326-7700 ext. 2335 or Detective Adam Hannon at (219) 326-7700 ext. 2405.


 [Photo courtesy LaPorte County Sheriff’s Dept. Detectives Bureau]



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