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Lakeshore Focus with Keith Kirkpatrick #811 3 21 14

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Lakeshore Focus with Keith Kirkpatrick #811 3 21 14

At one point in time, Gary was the business center of the region. If you wanted to do business in Northwest Indiana you needed an Office in Gary. Exploring the potential and progress of getting Gary back on the map with Keith today is Chuck Hughes, Executive Director of the Gary Chamber of Commerce. Episode #811 3 21 14


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One response to “Lakeshore Focus with Keith Kirkpatrick #811 3 21 14”

  1. Judi Tallackson and Steve Tall says:

    Keith asked too many cream puff, softball questions of Chuck Hughes. For example, Mr. Hughes placed a lot of emphasis on expansion of the Gary Airport generating economic development. Keith should have asked the tough followup question of why every new scheduled airline has left in six months to a year and what the Gary Chamber of Commerce thinks should be done differently to break that pattern.

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