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Lakeshore Focus – 1124 – Life of Today’s Firefighter

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Several months ago, we produced a show called the “The World of Cops”.  It was a fascinating look at what the life of a police officer is like today.  Well, it seemed like we should give equal time to the firefighters.  Actually, they threatened that my house might not be protected unless they got equal time.  No, they didn’t.  I was put in touch with them because a new fire training academy is opening in Northwest Indiana.  On our show today we have two veteran firefighters and leaders who are working hard to keep us safe, including me.  Let’s meet Thomas Fieffer who is the Fire Chief for the Portage Fire Department, and Michael Parks, Division Chief for Crown Point Fire Rescue, and also the Training Coordinator for the District 1 Firefighter Training Council. Episode #1124 Aired 9/22/17

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