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Lakeshore Focus – 1114 – Mental Health

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When someone has a sickness like with cancer, diabetes, or migraines, we talk about it, educate, and support them through treatment.  When a person has a physical disability such as loss of a hand, not able to walk, visual impairment, we talk about it, rehabilitate, and help them get an aid.  But, when another human being has a mental illness like depression, bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia, we don’t talk about it, try to ignore and avoid.  Let’s meet a guy who can talk about mental health in a way that informs and educates, yet makes you laugh and self-reflect at the same time.  Welcome Jake Messing who is the Director of Behavioral Health at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago. Episode #1114. Air Date: 7/7/17

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