Lake Station Teacher in Trouble for Chalkboard Message

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Lake Station police and school administrators are still trying to understand why a high school teacher left a threatening message to students on the chalkboard.  The Lakeshore’s Renetta Dubose has more information on the teacher and why he left the message.


While everything seems normal inside Thomas Edison Junior-Senior High School in Lake Station … it isn’t.  A teacher is now in the hot seat after posting a written threat on a school chalkboard.   Friday morning, a picture surfaced on social media sites.  It reads “A- you are idiots”…”B- the guns are loaded”… and “C-care to try me?”  The message targeted for Period G, or the sixth period class.  Senior Joe Donnelly is not in that class but says he is a student of the teacher who wrote the bizarre message… Mr. Kincaid.

Renetta DuBose:  You said you weren’t surprised, why not?
Joe Donnelly: That’s just the way he talks.

Lake Station Schools Superintendent Dan DeHaven says the situation is being investigated.  Police are taking statements from students and will determine whether the incident is grounds for charges.  DeHaven verified that the teacher is Jeff Kincaid.  He says Kincaid is dealing with stress in his personal life and overreacted to a substitute teacher’s report from the two days he was gone last week.  Donnelly…who says he’s the nephew of U-S Senator Joe Donnelly… contends the message was part of Kincaid’s humor.

Joe Donnelly: It was a joke.

Dehaven says Jeff Kincaid does not own any weapons and the phrase “these guns are loaded” was a metaphor from his old coaching days.  Kincaid has been suspended, pending the investigation.


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