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Lake Selected For Pre-K Program

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July 22, 2014

Gov. Mike Pence has a plan to make state government the beneficiary of big data, with a new information hub.

We look at the ethical consequences of the state hanging onto millions of blood samples from infants born in Indiana, most of which were kept without their parents’ permission. Can the state still do it right, in the name of science?

It was announced this morning that Lake County will be one of five counties to participate in the state’s new voucher program for pre-K. Until this new law, Indiana has not spent any money on pre-K education, despite studies that show it works.

Guests include:

Paul Baltzell, Chief Information Officer for the State of Indiana

Melanie Brizzi, Director of FSSA’s Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning

Eric Meslin, Ph.D, the director of the IU Center of Bioethics


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