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Lake County Re-Assessment Goal Delayed

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December 29, 2014 — Lake County’s assessor says her staff won’t meet a Jan. 1st deadline to complete the first stage of a tax reassessment.

But outgoing Assessor Jolie Covaciu said despite getting a late start inspecting more than 30,000 properties around the county, enough progress is being made to ensure tax bills will remain on time in the coming years.

She told “Times” county government reporter Bill Dolan that one of her biggest challenges was preparing for the beginning of Indiana’s new four-year cyclical reassessment.  It’s a series of property inspections to make sure that local assessors have up-to-date data on the size and value of Lake County’s 247,000 parcels of land and buildings and any property improvements that have taken place in the the last two years.

Covaciu said two events derailed her timeline: the County Commissioners delayed hiring a vendor to do field inspections, and the Legislature moved up the deadline for completion by three months, to Jan. 1st from March 1st.

Covaciu took over from Hank Adams, the first Republican Lake County government officeholder in many decades, when he passed away.


[Photo of Covaciu from Lake County Assessor’s website]


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