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Komyatti Jr. Loses His Appeal From Bike Mishap

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The Indiana Court of Appeals says that a Hammond native disfigured in a bike accident almost three years ago, one month after finishing a 27-year prison sentence in connection with the 1983 murder of his father, cannot blame  Indianapolis-Marion County government  or a utility company for the mishap.

Paul Komyatti, Jr. was drunkenly riding a bicycle on the wrong side of an Indianapolis road on June 19th, 2010, when he allegedly hit a pothole, flew over the handlebars and smashed his face on the street.  The Court of Appeals said that Komyatti’s conduct — biking at least 20 miles per hour downhill against traffic and with a blood alcohol content of .137-percent — led to his injuries. The appellate court upheld the judgment of the trial court and ruled in favor of the city-county government and Citizens Energy utility.

Komyatti was convicted of assisting his brother-in-law in the stabbing death of Paul Komyatti March 1983.  William Vandiver was executed in 1985.


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