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Kids Powered by Utility’s Generosity

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August 30, 2013 — Today a power company empowered some lucky boys and girls of the Merrillville Boys and Girls Club, without the use of electricity.

The generosity of Northern Indiana Public Service Company worker provided back packs and bikes to the Club as part of a workers’ team-building program.

NIPSCO Manager Joe Mays says his employer has been giving gifts to the Northwest Indiana Boys and Girls Club for years, and today it focused on the Merrillville club.

Mays says four teams of NIPSCO employees assembled eight bikes this morning and presented to the club at the Merrillville Hilton Garden this afternoon.

Mays says the Company will take them to the local Merrillville Boys and Girls Club and present them to children later this fall.

Boys And Girls Club Director Madalyn Hurt says, “It feels great, always giving back to the kids.  The kids look at these bikes, and they feel like it’s Christmas for them.”

Hurt says they will give away the bikes on an as-needed basis.

Some lucky boys and girls also will get new book bags for school this fall thanks to NIPSCO.  Many of the book bags came with those bicycles from NIPSCO workers.

Hurt says her organization thrives on donations, and the bikes and book bags are greatly appreciated, “Each one got book bags, and we ran out, so these book bags that was given to us is going to be great, and we will give them to those who didn’t get any.”

Hurt says the club will give the bags to children who did not get one at the end of the summer program.



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