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Karras Case and the NFL Concussion Settlement

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August 30, 2013 — A Gary native and former Andrean High School football coach says a National Football League legal settlement should include his father and his uncle.

Ted Karras, Jr. says his father, shown in photo, suffers from Alzheimers Disease after a decade of playing professional football, mostly for the Chicago Bears.  Karras thinks his father could get help as part of a National Football League tentative agreement to pay $765-million for relief to retired players with concussion-related injuries.

Karras told Lakeshore News that he thinks a lawsuit filed by his uncle, legendary NFL player Alex Karras, is included in the settlement.  Alex Karras’ case was an early legal challenge to the NFL’s health care liability for concussion-related illnesses.  He died last October, and Ted Karras, Jr. said today that his uncle’s widow, actress Susan Clark, guided that lawsuit through to settlement, which awaits court approval.  The NFL’s agreement with retired football players’ consolidated lawsuits, and Alex Karras was the lead plaintiff in a foundational lawsuit holding the NFL responsible for retired players’ conditions related to head injuries.

Alex Karras was one of the NFL’s early star defensive players before an acting career that includes the movie “Blazing Saddles” and TV show “Webster” with his wife and Emmanuel Lewis.

Ted Karras, Jr., is in his first year as head coach at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio, after leading Indiana’s Marian University to a national NAIA championship last season.  He also played in the NFL for a season with the Washington Redskins, the same organization for whom his uncle Lou Karras played from 1950-1952 as the older brother to Alex and Ted Karras, Sr.

Click to see mediation agreement pending court approval:  NFL concussions settlement 8-29-13


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