Judge’s Order Calls For Same-Sex Marriage Recognition

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April 11, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting –A federal judge Thursday ordered Indiana to recognize the marriage of one of the same-sex couples challenging the state’s gay marriage ban. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler were married in Massachusetts last year. The Munster couple is part of a lawsuit challenging the state’s marriage statute. But they also asked for emergency recognition of their marriage because Quasney is terminally ill with ovarian cancer. U-S District Court Judge Richard Young Thursday granted that request, ordering the state to recognize Quasney and Sandler’s marriage. Young said the Indiana statute is likely unconstitutional and a temporary suspension is the only way to ease Quasney’s suffering and anxiety. Paul Castillo is an attorney for Lambda Legal, the national gay rights organization representing the couple. He says the ruling comes as a relief to the couple:

She will have the comfort and security to know that Indiana is now recognizing their same-sex marriage from the state of Massachusetts and that they have the security to know that, in the event of Niki’s passing, Amy Sandler will be recognized as a surviving spouse.”

In a statement, Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office downplayed the significance of the decision, noting it only applies to Quasney and Sandler and does not impact any other couples in the state. The judge’s ruling expires in about a month, when another hearing will determine whether the order should be extended.


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