Judge Changes His Mind On Segment Of U.S. Steel Pollution Lawsuit

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April 22, 2014 — The Associated Press —

A federal court judge in Hammond dismissed a portion of a government lawsuit that contended that U.S. Steel’s Gary Works improperly bypassed EPA oversight and pollution controls when it renovated Blast Furnace number 4 about 24 years ago.

Judge Philip Simon granted U.S. Steel’s request to reconsider his earlier decision that blocked federal attorneys only from seeking fines against U.S. Steel — but allowed them to continue to seek an injunction against the company.  Simon says in his new opinion that a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling, written just before his original ruling, supported U.S. Steel’s request to dismiss that count of the lawsuit entirely.

But the judge ruled that another charge still stands, that claims Gary Works violated visible-opacity rules for air emissions more than 15,000 times between August 2006 and December 2007.


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