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Ivy Tech Proposes Tuition Hike

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Ivy Tech officials say a proposed tuition hike will help the statewide community college system make investments in key areas, including more faculty and better equipment. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports…



The Ivy Tech Board of Trustees will vote Thursday on a tuition increase of 20 dollars per credit hour over the next two years – five dollars each semester. That’s a more than eight percent increase each year, compared to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s two percent recommendation. And it comes on the heels of a nearly eight percent funding increase in the recently passed state budget. Yet Ivy Tech Chief Financial Officer Chris Ruhl points out that Ivy Tech only increased its tuition by 25 dollars over the past six years:


We’ve been modest over the past few years and ultimately there’s some catch up that needs to be done in key areas and that’s what we hope to direct the dollars for.”


Ivy Tech student Christopher Glick says he was concerned about a portion of the tuition increase being set aside to fund more student activities because didn’t think there wasn’t adequate need:



I don’t make use of it but as was explained that a survey had been conducted and the consensus was most people are in favorite of it, then that’s fine.”


Some students voiced concerns about possible Ivy Tech facility closures around the state. Ruhl says while those remain a possibility, a decision won’t be made for some time. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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