IU Expert Discounts North Korean Nuke Threat

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Network Indiana’s Mike Corbin reports an Indiana University history professor whose an expert on modern Korea says it‘s not very likely North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will launch a missile at South Korea or any other nation.

Professor Michael Robinson says Kim Jong-Un is essentially an inexperienced puppet whose trying to flex his political muscle, but isn‘t really taken seriously by even South Korea. Robinson says North Korean leadership is mainly interested in giving the impression that it‘s a powerful nation.   ((“I think we make the mistake of giving them all the play they want in the world press. You know, 300 reporters descend on Seoul as soon as Kim Jong-Un talks about nuclear attack of the United States. They can‘t even hit the United States yet.”)) Robinson says South Koreans have pledged to retaliate if North Korea launches a missile at them something that shows they won‘t be bullied. Mike Corbin, Network Indiana News.

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