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Inmates Make Collections from “Corrections”

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Memorial Day weekend is making collections from “corrections” at Westville. Prison staff there say inmates at Westville Correctional Facility (WCC) donated $2278.41 in groceries to local food pantries during the past few days.
WCC says more that $750 worth of food each went to the Westville Food Pantry, Hanna Food Pantry and Starke County Food Pantry. Diane and Otto Warner from the Hanna Food Pantry are grateful, “Thanks so much. This donation will go a long way in feeding about forty families in the community that we regularly assist.”
Facility Superintendent Mark Levenhagen commended staff who bought and delivered the food pantry donation groceries, as well as inmates who contributed through their purchases. “We are always looking for ways for our inmates to give back to the community. This program is a win-win situation. The inmates are able to purchase food not ordinarily available to them, and the community is benefited through the donations generated.”
WCC staff says funds for the food drive came from special food sales conducted for the inmates when, on special occasions, they get to buy food items from local vendors using their personal funds. These special sales support those vendors, and the profit margin goes to support local non-profit organizations, such as the food banks. WCC’s average daily population is 3300 – 3400 inmates, and a single food sale can generate several hundred dollars in donations.


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