Initial Assessment Made On BP Whiting Oil Spill

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March 27, 2014 — The Associated Press —

The U.S. Coast Guard says an initial assessment shows nine to 18 barrels of crude oil — between 378 and 756 gallons — were released into Lake Michigan during a malfunction at BP’s Whiting refinery.

Coast Guard spokesman Chief Petty Officer Alan Haraf said the estimate comes from the Coast Guard’s initial visual assessment of the spill scene.  Haraf says a more accurate spill estimate will be released later this week.  A Coast Guard response team found “minimal oiling” along the shoreline.

EPA regional on-scene coordinator Mike Beslow said Tuesday that BP crews surrounded the oil with absorbent booms and used vacuum trucks to suck up the corralled oil.  He says BP crews also cleaned up oil along about 2,700 feet of private shoreline at the Whiting complex.


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