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INDOT Working to Extend Amtrak Service

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September 24, 2013 — The Indiana Department of Transportation is continuing its work on moving people and products through the state, this time by rail.

INDOT has begun talks with Amtrak to continue rail service between Indianapolis and Chicago.

Congress voted in 2008 to end federal support for Amtrak routes of less than 750 miles although the rail company agreed to continue running in states making a good-faith effort to secure alternate funding.

Governor Mike Pence authorized INDOT to begin negotiating with communities along the route for local funding.  Contributors would have a stake in overseeing the rail service.

Amtrak estimates it will cost the Hoosier state $2.9-million per year to operate the rail line.

INDOT says the state will have to raise approximately $80 per one-way passenger to keep the trains on the track.



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