Indiana Trooper Helps Child Go From “Bluish” to Breathing

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Indiana’s State Police say Lake County Senior Trooper Dan Avitia “was in the right place at the right time for a two-year-old Valparaiso girl this Memorial Day afternoon.”

ISP says 14-year veteran Trooper Avitia was in the area of Interstate-80 westbound just west of Central Avenue when a dispatch came around 3:35 p.m. about a child with a medical emergency. State Police say Avitia identified a parked SUV where he found the mother in the back seat unbuckling her two-year-daughter from her child safety seat. ISP says the mother said the child was unresponsive as she handed her to Avitia.

According to ISP, Trooper Avitia immediately noticed that the child was limp, had bluish lips and was not breathing, so after checking her airway he began to give the child back blows, alternated with checking the child’s airway a couple of times, and then the child began to breathe.

ISP says the girl went to a hospital for observation, and she received two teddy bears by the Indiana State Police. These bears are given to children to comfort them if they become involved in a stressful situation.

Trooper Avitia stated, “I was just glad I was close by and that my training was used with such a happy outcome.”


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