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Indiana Tries to Increase Graduation Rates And Bring Down College Costs

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February 12, 2014

Indiana has been trying to get a handle on it’s low college graduation rate. Students in Indiana spend more money and graduate more slowly than the average student in the US. We’ll talk to the commissioner for Higher ed about a new program designed to help that.

We’ll also get an update on the environmental bills still moving through the Indiana General Assembly.

The Indianapolis Star is combing through some forgotten murder cases, including the disappearance of a 20 year old Merrillville man.

Tomorrow the Indiana Senate is expected to take up amendments to House Joint Resolution- 3. We’ll talk to Sen. Karen Tallian about that issue and others that have come up this year.

Guests include:

Karen Tallian, state senator, D-Portage

Jill Disis, Indianapolis Star

Teresa Lubbers, Indiana commissioner of higher education

Kim Ferraro, attorney Hoosier Environmental Council


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