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Indiana Senate Vote Coming On Bullying Issue

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The Senate will vote next week on a bill to tighten Indiana‘s definition of bullying, and require schools to craft a policy for addressing it.  Network Indiana’s Eric Berman reports:

The bill borrows language from workplace harassment law to spell out actions that create “an objectively hostile environment.” More than 400 parents in West Lafayette signed a petition endorsing the law after Danielle Green‘s 14-year-old daughter killed herself last month after repeated bullying.

(((GREEN: “I want a change so that no other child has to feel the pain of hopelessness and helplessness and feel that they have nowhere to turn and no one to help them, and that the only out they have is to take their life.”)))

Opponents charge the revisions infringe free speech rights. The Senate Education Committee rejected an amendment to exclude most verbal harassment from the law.


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