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Indiana Senate Debates Medicaid Expansion

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Indiana Senate Republicans Monday shot down efforts by Senate Democrats to trigger Medicaid expansion. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:


Senate Democrats offered several amendments to the budget bill aimed at addressing federal healthcare reform. The proposals included expansion either through the federal Medicaid program or a version of the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan. Portage Democrat Karen Tallian says the state can’t afford to reject expansion because of disagreements with the federal government:

It’s time to do this. How many Indiana citizens will be denied healthcare in the name of freedom?”

But Noblesville Republican Luke Kenley says there are still too many unknowns when it comes to expansion:

So we are nowhere near ready to jump off this cliff just in the name of saying, ‘Well we did this and we took care of somebody,’ so we need to be more responsible than that.”

Republicans also rejected amendments capping money for the school voucher program and shifting more money to roads funding. The Senate could vote to pass the budget as early as Tuesday. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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