Indiana School Leader Says A-F Scoring System Works

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October 3, 2013 — Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz says she and other education leaders are working together to make the state-mandated school grade scoring system as fair and transparent as possible.  Ritz says, the state’s “A” through “F” grading system gives parents, students, educators and communities a clear and concise assessment of how well their schools are doing.

Today, Ritz was the keynote speaker at a Michigan City area Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Women Luncheon. After the luncheon she told Lakeshore News that she and a 17-member accountability review panel is in the process of developing a system that’s makes the “A” through “F” school grading system more accessible to the public.  Ritz says it is important for Indiana to establish the system so the state can rate schools.  Schools are rated on performance, math scores, improvement, graduation rate and college and career readiness.  Ritz says the panel has already made some changes and is posting all of its information online and streaming live all meetings.

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz says, “It’s going great, we have had 2 meetings, and our 3rd meeting is coming up, talking about the growth measures and focusing on, perhaps other multiply measures that we can look at in addition to test scores. So fair and transparent, easy to understand, so we are focused on that, those are priorities for the community.”

The accountability panel is working to get its recommendations to the State Board of Education by November 1st.


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