Indiana Libertarians Nab Four National Party Offices

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July 9, 2014 — TheStatehouseFile.com

INDIANAPOLIS – Four members of the Indiana Libertarian Party have been chosen to serve in national party offices.  One of them is an attorney from LaPorte.

The Libertarian Party is a third party in Indiana that does not hold any statewide or legislative seats in Indiana but generally fields candidates in several of the key state races.

At a national convention two weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio, some 450 delegates voted Sam Goldstein, Evan McMahon, Andrew Wolf, and Rebecca Sink-Burris into national party offices.

Goldstein, the party’s senior most member, is a former state chairman that served two terms. Based out of Indianapolis, Goldstein ran for the national vice chair position and lost but was elected to the national board at-large position.

Dan Drexler, chairman of the Indiana Libertarian Party, said that nationally five members of the party are elected to at-large positions and are voted on by all the delegates at the convention.

“This is a pretty high ranking position,” Drexler said.

McMahon, executive director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, was elected to an at-large board position with the third highest vote totals. Drexler said McMahon’s job is to get Libertarians elected. He is based out of Indianapolis.

Wolf, who is an attorney from LaPorte, and Rebecca Sink-Burris, of Bloomington, will both serve on the Judiciary Committee for the first time.


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