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Indiana Issues RFQ for Illiana Corridor Project

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November 12, 2013 — Indiana’s Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) say today they’ve jointly issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for an interstate highway project in Northwest Indiana.

The Illiana Corridor project is a collaborative effort by Indiana and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), which Friday released its RFQ for the project.

The RFQ solicits proposals from private parties to outline their plans for planning, designing, developing, financing and constructing the proposed 47-mile highway project, along with their qualifications for partnering with state government to complete and manage the project.

The Illiana project involves connecting Interstate 65 near Lowell, Indiana with I-55 near Wilmington, Illinois, with a projected cost of $1.3-billion.

The IFA/INDOT Request for Qualifications issued today seeks qualifications by private industry partners for the Indiana section of the Illiana Corridor, asking interested firms or project teams to submit a Statement of Qualifications to determine their eligibility in the Public Private Partnership (P3) process.

Indiana Public Finance Director Kendra York said, “We had tremendous response from the private sector during an Illiana Industry Forum earlier this year and we look forward to hearing from those groups as we move forward in the procurement process.”

INDOT says private sector participation is being sought to spur innovation that will lead to delivery of the Illiana Corridor more quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost. The Indiana procurement will also involve the construction of added capacity lanes on I-65 between U.S. 30 and State Road 2.

INDOT Deputy Commissioner of Innovative Project Delivery Jim Stark said, “We have had great success in Indiana with the innovation and cost savings that the private sector has brought to other P3 projects.  We’re anticipating similar successes with the Illiana Corridor.”

INDOT says, “To ensure coordination of the bi-state Illiana Corridor Project, IFA/INDOT and the Illinois Department of Transportation are working together to coordinate technical requirements, tolling policy, the federal environmental approval process, and construction schedules.”

The RFQ document can be viewed at the IFA website:

Statements of Qualifications are due by Friday, January 10, 2014.


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