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Indiana House Passes Abortion Pill Bill

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Legislation regulating abortion-inducing drugs and the abortion clinics that provide them passed the Indiana House on Tuesday. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports on a bill supporters say is aimed at strengthening patient safety and opponents call unnecessarily burdensome:


Abortion clinics that only provide the abortion drug RU-486 will now be required to adhere to the same, stricter standards as clinics that provide surgical abortions. Those requirements include room and door size mandates and surgical equipment standards. Only one Indiana location, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Lafayette, will be affected. The bill no longer requires an ultrasound before women receive the drug. Batesville Republican Cindy Ziemke says she thinks the bill makes women give more consideration to the decision to have an abortion:

For a situation where a young girl may spend more time researching what dress she wants to wear to prom than terminating the life of an unborn child.”

Hammond Democrat Linda Lawson says the General Assembly should spend its time talking about issues like birth control, education for young mothers and maternity leave:

Why aren’t we talking about that? Because many of the pro-life supporters don’t extend their concern to the child after it’s born.”

Because the House made changes to the bill, the measure now goes back to the Senate. If the changes are accepted, the legislation heads to the governor’s desk. Otherwise, the bill goes to conference committee for the House and Senate to work out the differences. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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