Indiana House Chamber Gets A Touch-up

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July 8, 2014 —

INDIANAPOLIS- The chamber of the Indiana House of Representatives is getting a summer makeover.  Replacing the carpet and wiring are just two of many changes in the offing.

House Republican Chief of Staff Lesley Crane said the carpeting had been there almost 20 years, with the cabling underneath needing to be replaced as well.

Crane said with everyone using wireless devices, the cabling to the computer systems needed to be updated.

Some brass railings also will be removed upstairs.. The same company that last summer repaired the chamber’s chandelier, New Hampshire-based Acu-Bright, will work on the railings.

Another noticeable change will be the new chamber chairs.

Crane said the current chairs have been here for decades and many have required multiple repairs. Crane said many of them now are beyond repair, which led to the decision to replace them as a whole.

The current chairs will be resold. That will reduce the cost by about 50 percent, Crane said, reducing the total cost for the replacements to an estimated $50,000 to $55,000.

Crane said the work should be done by the end of August, Crane said. She added, though, that the work was ahead of schedule because replacing the cabling went faster than expected.

“I want the chamber to be some place to be proud of,” Crane said. “I am proud of the work put into it.”

Crane said the cost is an estimated $130,000 with many factors not yet included, meaning the total cost could be higher.

The chamber is closed to visitors until the renovations are completed.


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