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Indiana Health Exchange Update

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July 23, 2013 — An Indiana Department of Insurance official told lawmakers Monday a federally-run healthcare exchange still has a long way to go until it’s ready…but as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the government still expects the insurance marketplace to be up and running when enrollment begins October 1st:

The Affordable Care Act mandated the creation of health insurance exchanges, a marketplace for insurers and consumers. Each state could choose to run it alone, run it with the federal government, or let the federal government run it alone. State Department of Insurance Chief Deputy Logan Harrison says the governor opted to let the federal government run Indiana’s exchange because the estimated cost for the state to run it – between 45 and 64 million dollars – outweighed any benefits. With a little more than two months before open enrollment in the exchange begins, Harrison says the federal government doesn’t have a version for the state to test – just examples of what the exchange website will offer consumers:

You can apply and you can find out what you’re eligible for, whether that be an advanced premium tax credit, perhaps referred to Medicaid or perhaps you find out that you’re not eligible for nothing.”

Harrison says the federal government has told the state it still expects the online exchange to be fully in place beginning October first. There will also be a hotline where Hoosiers can get answers to many of the same questions the website will address. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.

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