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Indiana Health Department Chief Suggests Two Doses of Measles Vaccine

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The outbreak of Measles traced at Disneyland calls into question whether or not parents should be compelled to have their children vaccinated to help prevent the spread of the virus. Indiana Health Department Chief Medial Consultant Dr. Joan Duwve [DO vee] says the state relies primarily on health care providers to identify and diagnose patients with Measles. She says anyone who is fully vaccinated or has a history of the Measles is likely protected. But before the late 1980’s the recommendation was just one dose and unfortunately a lot of people got infected.  Duwve says the current Measles vaccine is one of the best available, so anyone who has received two doses of the vaccine at the right ages will be protected. Anyone who has only had one dose of the vaccine, should go have a second dose.

Sharon Jackson, Lakeshore News


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