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Indiana Guard Soldiers In Lawsuit Over Cancer Deaths

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3-12-13 Regionally Speaking

A group of Indiana National Guardsmen are suing the military contractor KBR, alleging the company did not warn them of the dangers of a potentially cancer-causing powder, when they were guarding a water filtration plant in southern Iraq at the beginning of the war in 2003. The lead witness in this case is the deposition of a Guard Colonel, who died of cancer in 2009.

Regionally Speaking Host Steve Walsh talked to Houston based attorney Mike Doyle, Russell Kimberling, who was one of the Indiana National Guard officers at the time, and part of the lawsuit, along with Lt. Col. Jim Gentry’s widow, LouAnn Gentry, who is from Jasper Indiana, where the unit was based.



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2 responses to “Indiana Guard Soldiers In Lawsuit Over Cancer Deaths”

  1. emily gentry says:

    I really thought louann cared. As the daughter of this soldier I trusted her. I was there at the hospital with him. I skipped class to help. Only to have her neglect me. Unfair. It was my father!

  2. emily gentry says:

    I trusted you! You wouldn’t even let me come to the estate sale as part of the public. What gave you the right?

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