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Indiana Girls Facing Challenges

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The Status of Girls in Indiana 2013, sponsored by St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame, finds girls in Indiana often suffer from depression and stumble in math and science at a higher rate than boys or their peers in other states.

Host Steve Walsh also dives into a mysterious jump in the rate of families with young children living in poverty in Northwest Indiana.

The south Shore has also passed another milestone as it decides how it could expand service to the suburbs.

Also,  is overcrowding at the Porter County shelter part of a nationwide trend?


Guests include:

Dr. Emily Weiss is Vice President of Shelter Research & Development for the ASPCA

Gerry Hanas, General Manager for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame Math Professor Kristin Kuter

Derek Thomas Senior Policy Analyst Indiana Institute for Working Families



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