Indiana Department Of Education Rolls Out New Media Strategy

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The Indiana Department of Education is rolling out new social media efforts to help Hoosiers become more aware and involved in education initiatives and policies. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:


The Department of Education is launching new Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The IDOE Facebook page will post department announcements and information about education resources. It will be linked with the IDOE Twitter feed, which will contain much of the same information while also live-tweeting events such as state Board of Education meetings. A separate Facebook page and Twitter account will be dedicated to education policy, such as updating the progress of key education legislation. Superintendent Glenda Ritz says social media can be a powerful tool for Hoosier taxpayers:

The social media strategy is to leap forward to the IDOE’s effort to provide transparency within the department.”

Ritz says on the IDOE Facebook and Twitter pages, followers will be able to post material that her staff will review daily. The policy pages will not include public participation. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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