Indiana Democrats Meet This Weekend

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May 17, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting — There’s very little intrigue as Indiana Democrats prepare for their party convention this weekend.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, candidates for all three statewide offices have been decided:

Indiana Republicans face a convention battle in the race for State Treasurer and a potential fight over platform language related to same sex marriage.  Very little remains unsettled for Democrats, who will nominate Marion County Clerk Beth White for Secretary of State, former Deputy State Examiner Michael Claytor for Auditor and former Illinois lawmaker Mike Boland for Treasurer.  State Democratic Party Chairman John Zody says he doesn’t have a problem with a lack of intrigue going into the convention:

“We currently are unified going into our convention; the Republicans are still talking about divisive social issues.”

Zody acknowledges that the party faces a tough challenge in the fall, particularly because of the lack of a big race on the ballot – Secretary of State, Treasurer and Auditor are the only statewide positions up for election:

“But the job of the Democratic Party, and what Democrats are good at, is working on the ground and getting people out to vote and getting our base out to vote – and that won’t change.”

The Democratic convention will take place in Indianapolis this weekend.  Republicans will meet in Fort Wayne June 6th and 7th.


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