Indiana Democrats Choose Statewide Office Candidates

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June 2, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting — Indiana’s Democratic legislative leaders say Democrats have a new vision for Indiana that includes raising the minimum wage, supporting unions and public schools and promoting equality for all Hoosiers. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports on the state Democratic Party convention that was held this weekend:

Republicans hold supermajorities in both the Indiana House and Senate. And House and Senate minority leaders Scott Pelath and Tim Lanane acknowledge that it will take more than one election cycle for Democrats to recapture control in the Statehouse…though they hope to begin chipping away at those leads this year. Lanane says Republicans have already made the case that absolute control of the legislature isn’t working:

All Republicans with their supermajorities could do was pass yet another round of corporate welfare and corporate tax cuts and try to attempt to lock discrimination into our constitution.”

Pelath says Democrats need to show that they’re fighting to save Indiana’s middle class – and pointed to Governor Mike Pence’s recent announcement about healthcare expansion as proof:

Since the beginning of the great healthcare debate, Indiana Democrats have battled to ensure that the taxes we already send to Washington are used to secure healthcare for all Hoosiers. And after months of nay-saying, this governor finally figured out that Democrats were right.”

Republicans will hold their own state convention in Fort Wayne June 7th.


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