Indiana Democratic Party Leaders Comment On Election Ticket

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June 11, 2014 — In the wake of Indiana’s political party convention, Indiana Democrats are gearing up for this fall’s election.  And as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, House Minority Leader Scott Pelath says his party knows not to expect anything more than breaking the Republican supermajority:

Realistic” – that’s the word Indiana Democrats keep using when talking about November’s election.  Republicans hold six of eight statewide elected seats and control both houses of the General Assembly with supermajorities.  State Democratic Party chair John Zody says the message he’s getting out is that putting Dems back in the majority isn’t going to happen overnight:

“It’s going to be multiple election cycles and that’s where we know we are and people are talking about that and realistic and they’re focused – and that’s exactly where we need to be.”

Minority Leader Scott Pelath echoes Zody, saying the effects of national politics and gerrymandering have put House Democrats in a hole that will take multiple elections to dig out of:

“We’re realistic about that.  It’s hard work.  But when we’re done with the hard work, we hope to have built a sustainable new governing coalition for Indiana, one that you don’t luck into but one that’s going to set a real direction.”

Zody acknowledges that encouraging voter participation will be more challenging this year because of the lack of a major race on the ballot.  Secretary of State, Auditor and Treasurer are the only statewide positions up for election this fall.


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