Indiana Delegation Awaits President’s Comments

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January 20, 2015 — Eric Berman, Network Indiana — Indiana‘s congressional delegation is awaiting details of President Obama‘s agenda in tonight‘s (Tues) State of the Union address.

Obama has already laid out several of his proposals. Seventh District Democrat Andre Carson praises a plan to pay for two years of community college — he says it‘ll create opportunities for the next generation of leaders. But Fourth District Republican Todd Rokita says Obama‘s call to fund that initiative by taxing college-savings “529” plans is “a terrible mistake.” He says it‘ll limit families‘ higher-education choices.

Eighth District Republican Larry Bucshon supports Obama‘s proposal to triple the child tax credit and increase the earned income tax credit is, but says it’s overshadowed by proposed tax hikes he dismisses as a “Robin Hood” approach. Carson says the tax proposals are “on the right track,” and would steer tax relief to people who need it.

Rokita says he might find common ground with Obama on one proposed tax hike: a new fee on large financial firms who are carrying too much debt. Rokita says he‘ll need to see the details, but says he agrees with the administration‘s goal of preventing overleveraged firms from either submarining the economy or prompting another government bailout.


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