Indiana Budget Deal Reached

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House and Senate leaders say they’ve reached an agreement on the final budget.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, they say it includes significant increases for education and roads funding:


Though the budget isn’t expected to officially pass until late Friday, House and Senate fiscal leaders have hammered out a budget deal that includes more than three hundred million dollars in funding increases for K through 12 education.  House Speaker Brian Bosma says the budget goes beyond the goal of restoring education funding to pre-recession levels:

“We’re not only restoring to those levels but we’re adding to that for public schools.  So they’ll see an increase over what they saw at the highest level.  This will be the most money appropriated for public schools in state history.”

The budget contains 215 million dollars per year in new roads funding.  Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley says he’s pleased the House and the governor have bought into his roads funding plan, which also includes 200 million dollars a year for the Major Moves 2020 fund:

“And that’s part of our plan for the future idea, that it’s our major arterials like I-69, I-65 north to south all the way six lanes, I-70 east to west, those types of activities.”

Bosma says he expects minor revisions to the budget before the legislature sends it to the governor Friday.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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