Improved Trash, Recycling For Highland

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The town of Highland is joining other neighboring Lake County communities in giving residents their own large wheeled trash and recycling containers this coming spring, and will adjust their pickup schedule accordingly.

Public Works Director John Bach says each house will get two 95-gallon carts, one for trash and one for recycling.  Trash will still be collected every week but recyclables will be collected every two weeks because the carts are larger than the current red recycling bins.

Bach told Lakeshore News that senior residents who don’t generate enough trash for a 95-gallon container can receive slightly smaller ones, at their request.  Two public information sessions on the new Highland trash and recycling service will be held on March 20th, at 2 p-m and 6 p-m at the Lincoln Center.

Highland town officials signed an extended trash and recycling agreement with Republic Services that should begin around May 1st, after residents get the new containers.


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