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Impact Of Federal Shutdown Begins To Roll Out

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October 1, 2013

After midnight passes without an agreement on a federal budget, Host Steve Walsh looks at the impact of the government shutdown in Indiana and around the country with the policy director of one of the largest federal employee unions. Congressman Peter Visclosky, who was in Congress, during the last shutdown in 1995,  also has some uncharacteristically harsh words.

And while the federal government may be shut down but Lake County passed its budget last night. We talk to Council President Ted Bilski about closing the budget gap and the new option income tax.

We’ll look at the controversy over e-cigarettes with the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

Guests include:

National Policy Director for the American Federation of Government Employees Jacque Simon

Terry Tolliver, deputy director for the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division

Ted Bilski, president of the Lake County Council

US Rep. Peter Visclosky


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