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Immigration Lawyer Speaks Out, Ahead Of Obama Address

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November 20, 2014 — Mike Corbin, Network Indiana — An Indianapolis immigration attorney is speaking out on what many believe President Obama will announce to the nation on immigration Thursday night.

Angela Adams is Indiana chapter chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. It‘s believed the President will announce that he‘s using his executive authority to grant work permits for upwards of five million, U.S. illegals and block their deportation. The plan is similar to the one the President extended also by executive order to undocumented children about two years ago.

Adams says the plan expansion, along with other measures the President may announce, would likely benefit employers, bring people “out of the shadows” and have a positive impact on the nation‘s economy.

Adams says it makes sense to grant legal status to people who‘ve already been living and working in the country for years. She says the move would calm their fears and add millions of workers to the tax rolls.


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