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Imagine Gary

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In today’s show, we talk about Vietnam veterans who returned to the states after that war greeted by antiwar protesters with spitting, cussing and accusations of being “baby killers,” as we’ve been told for decades? Region historian Ron Cohen says no, it’s an “urban myth,” citing the book, “The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory and the Legacy of Vietnam,” which says no evidence exists. We talk to Ron Cohen, as well as Vets from around the region who’ve called in to talk about it.

Also, do you remember the inspiring new youth-driven public service group that we mentioned on a previous show? It’s called Imagine Gary – whose goal, in part, is to “fill negative spaces” in that city. Well, we’re proud to invite its organizers and four youth members into the studio with us. With such dire news coming from Gary on the 4th of July Weekend, we could all use some positive, even inspirational news from the city’s youth and their mentors.


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