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Illiana Expressway Public Meeting Held In Lowell

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June 18, 2013 — The prospective Illiana Expressway Corridor once again came up for discussion last night in Lowell.   While the states of Indiana and Illinois are cooperating on the plan for a new roadway from I-65 westward to I-55 … some members of the public are not supportive of the project.  In addition to reducing congestion in the region… INDOT Illiana Project Manager Jim Earl told the audience at Lowell Middle School that it will bring development opportunities to the area. “If the desire is to keep it the way it is, it can remain that way. If the desire is for a little development, then that potential will be there because of this project. It’s in how the locals decide to utilize it.”

But Illiana corridor opponent Pat Mussman told Lakeshore News Tonight’s Sarah Holst that the highway will bring more problems than benefits, and literally divide some some communities.  “If it would follow township lines, it wouldn’t interfere with emergency services.  We have a fire station on the north side of the B-3 corridor, and everything else on the south side.”

Questions and discussions ranged from the route to drainage concerns if the highway is built. INDOT’s Jim Earl says improving existing highways cannot simply upgraded in place of the proposed expressway.  Mussman says the alternatives have not been fully considered. “We feel taxpayer money could be better spent in other areas. We want to stop funding and look at alternatives and see if we can’t be proven right.”

The second of the two public meetings on the Illiana corridor is tonight at Peotone High School, from 5 until 8 p.m.



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