Illiana Corridor Rejected By C-MAP

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October 10, 2013 — A plan to build a highway corridor project involving Indiana and Illinois is getting detoured in Chicago.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, called C-MAP, says its board voted yesterday to keep the proposed Illiana Corridor off of its projects list.

Illinois’ Department of Transportation asked C-MAP to accept the toll-road as a major capital project to accelerate construction.

C-MAP staff said the plan’s growth outline contradicts other C-MAP plans.  It says the project’s “long-term economic benefits are unsubstantiated” and that it “has negligible mobility benefits” besides “financial risk.”

The Board vote now goes to Northwest Illinois’ Metropolitan Planning Organization.  It’s the decision-making body for all Chicago-area transportation plans and programs.  Its policy committee meets next Thursday, October 17, 2013, to determine Illinois’ support for the Illiana Corridor that would connect I-65 near Lowell to I-55 near Peotone, Illinois.

Click to see C-MAP staff’s recommendation report, with conclusions on page 19.  C-MAP 9.27.2013 staff recommendation against Illiana Corridor


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