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IHSAA Responds to Lake County Court Order

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By: Lakeshore Staff

February 27, 2015 — Griffith and Hammond high schools have filed a lawsuit in Lake County Court with respect to the decision of the IHSAA Review Committee to uphold the penalties issued to Griffith High School and Hammond High School as a result of their boys basketball game of Feb. 7, 2015.

The injunction hearing will be heard Monday, March 2, 2015 at 8:45 am CT at the Lake County Courthouse on whether both schools will be reinstated into the tournament.

Additionally, the court has asked the IHSAA to construct a “temporary draw” of Sectional 17 hosted by Hammond Gavit. That was

accomplished this afternoon at the IHSAA office, was videotaped and witnessed by both IHSAA staff members and a non‐staff member. Should the court find in favor of the plaintiffs, Griffith High School and Hammond High School will be included in the sectional tournament.

Finally, should the court rule in favor of the plaintiffs, Sectional 17 will be postponed until Thursday evening in order for all member schools in the sectional to have proper time to prepare for their new opponents.

The original five‐team pairings drawn last Sunday were:

17. Hammond Gavit (5)

G1: Hammond Clark vs. Lighthouse CPA. Tues, 6 pm

G2: Hammond Gavit vs. Bowman Academy. Fri, 6 pm

G3: Gary Roosevelt vs. Winner of G1. Fri, 7:30 pm

Championship: Winner of G2 vs. Winner of G3. Sat, 7 pm

Should it be needed following Monday’s hearing, the redrawn pairings that include seven teams, would be as follows:

17. Hammond Gavit (7)

G1: Griffith vs. Lighthouse CPA. Thurs, 7 pm

G2: Hammond Gavit vs. Gary Roosevelt. Fri, 6 pm

G3: Bowman Academy vs. Hammond. Fri, 7:30 pm

G4: Hammond Clark vs. Winner of G1. Sat, 6 pm

G5: Winner of G2 vs. Winner of G3. Sat, 7:30 pm

Championship: Winner of G4 vs. Winner of G5. Mon, 7:30 pm

Source: the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc.


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