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Episode 102 – April 18, 2014 – “Beware: Someone Is Watching”

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Experts Paul Ferron, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Business Development at Ascente Business Consulting LLC, and J. Michelle Sybesma, Awareness Advocate and Business Consultant with Professional Skills Consulting, Inc., sit down with host Anthony Contrucci in this episode of Money $ense to discuss the dangers of identity theft. In addition to talking about ways to prevent your identity from being stolen, the experts also cover topics such as protecting your credit and debit cards, the risks of using Wi-Fi, protecting your children’s identities, and what to do if you have been a victim of identity theft. With an introduction by Greg Zoeller, Indiana Attorney General.

Paul Ferron

Paul Ferron

Chief Marketing Officer

Director of Business Development

Ascente Business Consulting LLC

Paul Ferron is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and Director of business development with Ascente Business Consulting LLC.

Mr. Ferron is also senior product manager for – the consumer centric subscription based service that provides a fully managed recovery and restoration to the victims of identity theft.

In addition to his extensive research and development in the field of Identity theft protection and restoration, Mr. Ferron possesses over three decades of experience in consumer product development, packaging and marketing for such companies as; Avon, Alberto-Culver, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Quaker Oats and others. Particularly adept at identifying emerging trends, Mr. Ferron has focused on ecommerce, social and network pull marketing while establishing brand identity for newly developed products. Mr. Ferron was educated at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.

Sybesma Headshot

J. Michelle Sybesma

Awareness Advocate & Business Consultant

Professional Skills Consulting, Inc.

While working with U2, Neil Diamond and several other of the big names in entertainment industry in the early 1990’s Michelle Sybesma began establishing her reputation for high quality processes and professionalism. At that time she had no idea the range of journey her professional life would take. Shortly after this, she became a victim of ID theft during an era where it was virtually unknown.

For years to come at night and on the weekends, she would also travel to educate anyone who was receptive on the matter of fraud prevention.  She assisted law enforcement whenever she could, appearing on panels with the FBI and US Postal Inspections services, and has even been a congressional contributor and for fraud-related bill evaluations.

With a professional passion to inspire with both diverse personalities and improve business achievements, Michelle founded a business consulting practice 1999. Since that time, she served thousands ranging from the individual business owner to employees of multiple international corporations.  She helps business become successful in various areas of sales, operations and communications.

It was here that the State of Indiana first hired her to serve as a catalyst to communication on the ID Theft Unit’s public education programs.  Michelle was for years able to connect the personal passion to educate on ID Theft Prevention with professional level objectives.

So while always loyal to public awareness of IT theft, Michelle offers her current efforts with the Indiana Attorney General to help the State of Indiana minimize the newest ever-growing public awareness issue Rx Drug Abuse Awareness via

But no matter the topic, she remains media-friendly.  She does so as an author, frequent source to magazines, newspapers, and routine guests of radio and television programs.  “Health and safety is a strong economic driver which makes the sustainable fabric of our communities stronger.”

Greg Zoeller

Greg Zoeller

Indiana Attorney General

Greg Zoeller was elected Indiana’s 42nd Attorney General November 2008 and sworn into office January 12, 2009. Zoeller was reelected to a second term in November 2012 and sworn into office January 14, 2013. Prior to being elected Attorney General, Zoeller served as the chief deputy to his predecessor, Steve Carter, making him the first to have served in the office prior to being elected.

A commitment to service marks the career of Attorney General Zoeller and is also the mark he is making on the Office of the Attorney General.  With a focus on consumer protection, Zoeller has expanded the Do Not Call statute to include wireless telephones, increased protections for teachers in returning discipline to the classroom and fought for homeowners facing foreclosures.  Battling scam artists with proactive investigations and aggressively seeking to shut down fraudulent businesses preying on Hoosiers has made Indiana known as a State for consumer predators to avoid.

As a member of the Consumer Protection Committee for the National Association of Attorneys General, Zoeller serves in a national leadership position.  He also serves on the US Department of Justice Executive Working Group to develop greater collaboration and coordination of state and federal criminal justice agencies.  Zoeller serves as a member of Indiana’s Criminal Justice Institute helping law enforcement agencies with a focus on victim’s rights.

An advocate for the most vulnerable in society, Zoeller developed a partnership with members of the legal profession in the March Against Hunger, an annual campaign to support Indiana’s food banks.  During his first year in office Zoeller established an outreach program bringing the services of the Attorney General to communities throughout the state with a focus on serving the elderly, those facing foreclosure and other financial crisis, recent immigrants and our youth who are targeted by scam artists and other predators.

Zoeller had previously served as Assistant to Vice President Dan Quayle in the White House from 1989-1991 and earlier served then-Senator Quayle in both Washington and Indiana in legislative and executive capacities since 1982. His other government experience includes serving as Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney General, Richard Thornburg, in 1988 and as Senior Counsel to the House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight in 1998.

Zoeller served on a U.S. delegation to NATO in Brussels, Belgium as the Vice President of the Indiana Council of World Affairs in 1992 and led Airlift Indiana, a private relief mission, to Bangladesh and another relief mission to Honduras following natural disasters in those countries.

A native of New Albany, Indiana, Zoeller graduated from Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington in 1982. He is married to Kerrie (Turner) and has three children, Gretchen, Katherine, and Michael. They are members of Christ the King Catholic Church.

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