Icy Road A Factor in Fatal Moped Crash

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October 23, 2013 — The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is reporting today that weather conditions contributed to a traffic fatality this morning that left a man pinned under a car.  It says, “Icy roadway conditions were the contributing factor in this crash.”

It says 46-year-old Carl Lundgren of Calumet Township, Gary, is the moped rider who was hit by a car before 6 a.m.  on West Ridge Road at Broad Street in Calumet Township.

The Sheriff’s Office says the Lundgren lost control of his moped while traveling westbound on Ridge Road from Colfax Street, and he was thrown from the vehicle, where 60-year-old Dennis McCarthy of Crown Point was driving a 2012 Chevy Cruze behind the moped and subsequently hit the rider lying in the roadway.

It says Lundgren became pinned under the car, and when Lake County Police arrived the moped rider, who was wearing a helmet, was unresponsive.  It says a his shoe was removed to check for a pulse, which was not found.

The Sheriff’s Office says that when Griffith Fire Department responded to the scene and lifted the vehicle to free the victim, no signs of life were found by Prompt EMS ambulance service.


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