I-STEP Exams Continue

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Hoosier students have one more week to complete IStep exams after problems early this month forced the state to extend the testing deadline. But, as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Sam Klemet reports, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction is encouraged by how schools have bounced back.

Glenda Ritz says once testing is completed, the state will begin looking at how to make the system more efficient.

“I think one of the tings that we can do next year to make sure that we don’t have problems is to have the practice test all done at the same time and the load of students on.  So that we can see what problems we have during the practice session.”

That wasn’t done this year and technical glitches forced suspending IStep testing during the first few days.
But, Ritz says the exams have gone smoothly since.

“We had 89-percent of our students totally completed with I-STEP tests, and so we feel really good about  that.”
Schools have until Friday to finish IStep testing.  Ritz says afterwards, there will be a review of whether or not some tests are invalid because of the problems. For IPBS, I’m Sam Klemet.


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