I-65, I-94 Reopen to Drivers Stalled at Entrance Ramps

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January 6, 2014 by Jerry Howard

The Indiana Department of Transportation wants drivers to “use extreme caution” on Interstates 65 and 94, as it has reopened the highways which it says are “hazardous.”  Their closures left traffic stalled today along roads at entrance ramps along the highways, waiting for them to reopen.

INDOT announced the reopening of I-94 (between the Illinois state line and Michigan City) and I-65 (between Gary and Lafayette) this afternoon, after their closures yesterday evening.

It advises drivers “to use extreme caution, take it slow, and travel at their own risk.  Like the majority of roads across Northwest Indiana, and the state, conditions are extremely hazardous and non-emergency travel is strongly discouraged.  Drivers should expect to encounter slick conditions and blowing and drifting snow both on the main line interstates and ramps.”

INDOT says that subzero temperatures inhibit some of the effectiveness of road salt on icy roadways.  It says it is using other methods to melt ice and gain traction on road surfaces, such as chemical anti-icing agents and sand, but the frigid weather is hindering these efforts as well.

INDOT officials stress all roadways are extremely hazardous across Northwest Indiana.  Some roads remain impassable due to drifting snow, others are passable but with narrow lanes, while others are clear of loose snow, but hard-pack snow and ice has made for dangerously slick conditions.

Sections of I-94 and I-65 closed to all traffic Sunday evening due to impassable roadways and ramps that stranded many motorists.  INDOT and Indiana State Police worked throughout the night to rescue dozens of people from their vehicles.

INDOT invites drivers in Northwest Indiana to monitor road closures, road conditions, and traffic alerts at any time via the District’s social media channels: www.Facebook.com/INDOTNorthwest or Twitter @INDOTNorthwest. Or visit http://www.trafficwise.in.gov for INDOT’s TrafficWise Traveler Information Service.




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